Don’t know where to start ?

Hey there,

As a future educator I would love for people to give me advice on how to start a math concept ! Here are my ideas on how I would start! Check it out:)

For the start of the unit NUMBER SENSE, one of the categories, or learning expectation that would be best to begin with would be getting familiar with numerals. The expectations that are relevant to getting familiar with numerals  from the Full-Day Kindergarten Curriculum Guide are:

  • NS1.4 demonstrate understanding of the counting concepts of stable order.
  • NS1.5 recognize some quantities without having to count, using a variety of tools (e.g., dominoes, dot plates, dice, number of fingers)

In order to make this an interesting and fun concept to tackle, teachers and ECEs in the full day kindergarten classroom can integrate this skill into other areas of learning like music and movement. This can be done by:

  • teaching them a song/chant to go along with counting (song example: “Counting with my Friends” by: David Burda is MY absolute favourite)

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