Dramatic play? AND Number Sense?


As a future educator, I have learned that anything can be taught in mostly every learning domain especially number sense! Educators have to realize that numbers are absolutely everywhere, there is no hiding… but we can use this to our advantage while teaching children number sense.

Throughout my multiple placements (toddler room, preschool, grade 1/2 class as well as my present one in a grade 1 class) you can engage every activity with number sense/math.  Sometimes it takes a bit of thinking…  or a little bit of searching from the web to see how it can be incorporated.


On Pintrest I found a creative, fun and interactive way an FDK educator can set up the drama play centre  to have the children talk numbers naturally with the scene set up. Or a fun interactive structured way that involves daily physical activity as well as, role play.


drama play

One that I found, really interacts well with number sense is a restuarant setting/bake shop or a grocery store.  I have watched children in a restaurant/grocery store interact well and used an extensive amount of imaginary play in a preschool daycare centre! It was interesting to watch the young children, speak to their peers and take on jobs that they have watched in a familiar setting. Without even being in a structured instructional class instilling number sense the children were investigating and exploring numbers through role play/dramatic  play their daily

You do not necessarily need a particular theme here is a way how different materials that can be incorporated in the dramatic play centre are all essential to not only math number sense development, but other learning domains as well. I found this video to be very helpful to start off the dramatic play centre!

Novakowski (2007) explains that math happens through experiences. She describes her experiences, to be child centred where creativity is added as well as teacher acting as a facilatator.

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