The Importance of Math Talk

One thing that I have always had a problem with, is ensuring that I am using the proper math language and word choice with children when directing and prompting them.

Being in placement and observing the children during particular math lessons, I realized that many children are always trying to find the right answer. And I noticed that as I would circulate the classroom and the children would constantly ask ” Ms. Volpe did I get the right answer?!” …


Children need to try and dig deeper, and not only think about finding the right answer, it is about the inquiry of how one got the answer. Interactions with peers, throughout number sense math play, is essential for their development.

As I was reading and researching for one of my Early Years courses I came across and interesting finding and I thought I would share it with you guys!!!

Boonen (2011) “found that mathematical knowledge in number sense (counting) can be stimulated by the amount of math talk that is provided and used by the teacher in the classroom environment”(Boonen,2011,p.4).

This is an older video, and a little bit dated, but… the content is really good, take a look on how easy it is to incorporate math talk in number sense is effective and how to do it throughout play/classroom daily routines.


Then, I found this useful way to try and find new and innovative ways to try and help the children dig deeper in their math and prompt their math talk.

This is one way you can get children engaged in math talk throughout math centres, or during play. You can simplify the sentence prompts or starters for the appropriate age! Children will come up with creative things and ways to explain how they came up with their mathematical finding!




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