How to support English Language Learners?


Hello there again,

In order to aide ELLs into the program, the educators in the classroom has to make the child/children feel comfortable. One could use the approach of Linguistically Appropriate Practice which gives the chance for the child to have a sense of comfort and not to completely diminish their home language and creating an inclusive environment for every student.

Here are some suggestions:

Sing songs in different languages, and still referring to the proper hand motions, so the student is still making a connection to English.

Here is a great video/dance/song that counts in 5 different languages (English, French, Spanish, Japanese)

This provides both visuals of finger numbers, the numbers written in the language, and a catchy tune for the children to be engaged!

Also, the child can learn English numbers by having their home language numbers laid out on a table, and underneath have the English numbers to match this way again the child is making the connection.

Simply, by creating an environment that feels like home, is what will help the child succeed, and begin trying to speak english.



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